Mixtape ميكس تيب

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artist: yaseen qasem ياسين قاسم
featured artists: TNT تي ان تي, kareem abo raida كريم أبوريدة
release date: 
release type:
 full album
physical cover format: 
light digipack

Yaseen Qasem is a revolutionary group that cannot stop telling the truth. He performs his very own genre, Trap (Tarab Rap), Tarab being the classical music genre of the Arab culture. Trap integrates Tarab into Hip-Hop through instrumentation and choice of beats, thereby creating an original output that naturally reflects the combination of Yaseen’s surrounding culture and their modern frustration.

It all started when Yaseen decided to build a “camp record studio” in an old space, and considered it his headquarters for learning and teaching sound, recording, beat-making, and mixing along with interested residents of the refugee camp.

Track List   التسجيلات

01 Intro مقدمة
02 Ma Tes'alny 1 ما تسألني 1
03 Ma Tes'alny 2 ما تسألني 2
04 'Am Badafe' (feat. Kareem Abo Raida) عم بدافع (مع كريم أبوريدة)
05 Al Nakba 15.5 النكبة 15.5
06 Skit اسكتيتش
07 Copyright جميع الحقوق محفوظة
08 Outro الخاتمة

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