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artist: Salam Hmoud
rock, pop-rock
Mostakell مستقلّ
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 full album
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"This collection represents a three year journey composing, playing and recording songs in Amman, Jordan. A collection of various songs were selected, showcasing all musical styles i've come to perform and love over the years. From the hard rocking (Ew3a) to the melancholic (Dualisme), i'm sure there's something for everyone on this album. 1944 includes songs in Arabic and English as well as two instrumentals thrown in for good measure. Some were selected due to their popularity during live performances and some were a personal favorite of mine. In the end however, i'd like to think that my message is loud and clear, I want to move you. I hope this album does just that." - Salam Homoud, 2010

Track List   التسجيلات

01 1944 1944
02 Meen مين
03 Must Say ماست ساي
04 Benzoul بنزول
05 Neptune Rising نبتون رايزنج
06 Dualisme دواليزم
07 Khabini خبيني
08 Latin One لايتين وان
09 Lose The Belts لوز ذا بيلتس
10 Ewaa أوعى


 Credits  المشاركين في العمل

Salam Homoud: Lyrics, Compositions, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar | Munzer Jaber: Bass | Yarub Smirat: Violin | Ali Jaffal: Drums | Nes Getsy: Everything Else | Enas Said: Vocals | Lawrence Razzouq: Keyboards | Ashraf Bakri: Violin

سلام حمود: كلمات والحان وغناء وجيتار | منذر جابر: باص | يعرب سميرات: كمنجا | علي جفال: درامز | نيس جتسي: كل شيء آخر | إيناس سعيد: غناء | لورينس رزوق: كيبورد | أشرف بكري: كمنجا

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