Made in Palestine صُنع في فلسطين

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artist: Various Artists
DJ Bruno Cruz, PR, Boikutt, Michael Sajrawy, DAM, Dmar, Jowan Safadi, Wala' Sbeit, Zaman
hiphop, electronic
baladna youth association
release date: 
release type:
 full album
physical cover format: 
pocket cd

Baladna – Association for Arab Youth presents this project: creating a music album which is the first of its kind, which brings together young Palestinian artists from all sectors in the name of Palestinian music, deliberately ignoring the historical and geographical division. This will be great chance to introduce modern artists to Palestinian youth who are desperate for fresh and young Palestinian culture.

Track List   التسجيلات

01 Palestine فلسطين
02 Palestinian Resistance المقاومة الفلسطينية
03 Suffocated Electronics الكترونيات مخنوقة
04 The Dice Man رجل النرد
05 To Change Tomorrow لنغيّر بكرا
06 The Third Generation الجيل الثالث
07 Beast الوحش
08 Oh Kufiyeh Man يابو الحطة
09 No Longer Mine ليس لي
10 Love & Hope الحب والأمل


 Credits  المشاركين في العمل

DJ Bruno Cruz | PR | Boikutt | Michael Sajrawy | DAM | Dmar | Jowan Safadi | Wala’ Sbait | Zaman |

ديجي برونو كروز | بي آر | مقاطعة | ميشيل سجراوي | دام | دمار | جوان صفدي | ولاء سبيت | زمن

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