El Morabba3 المربع

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artist: elmorabba3 المربع
featured artists: tareq abukweik طارق ابوكويك
psychedelic, post-rock
el morabba3
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 full album
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The more an artist attempts a truthful reflection of the human condition the more conflicts and paradoxes will appear in their work, that’s why the music of El-Morabba is euphoric and deliciously dark; it fills you with an acute sense of elation while the lyrics crash down on you with their intense reality and truth.

It is rebellious music that lends a voice to the thoughts, concerns and anger of the people towards the reality they are living today, yet most of all it lends a voice to a dream that is dormant within us all, nudges it sometimes, or shocks the hell out of it onto the surface in other instances of pure intensity. All of this is translated through music that is uniquely structured; the rhythm, while always holding a firm base of ergonomic structure with the simple yet efficient heartbeat of the bass, it manages to float within it’s own spheres alongside the heavily transformed guitar expressions like two astronauts floating individually away, or towards their shuttle, winking at each other in the realization that they will always reach their destination simultaneously because they’d timed it that way, and they’d done it a billion times before.

Track List   التسجيلات

01 Asheek ع الشيك
02 Ma Indak Khabar ما عندك خبر
03 Taht Il Ard تحت الأرض
04 Tarweej ترويج
05 Ya Zein يا زين
06 Cigara Qabel Ma Nqoom سيجارة قبل ما نقوم
07 Laykoon ليكون
08 Aghanneek أغنّيك
09 Hada Tani حدا ثاني


 Credits  المشاركين في العمل

Composition & Arrangement; El Morabba3 | Production: El Morabba3 & Dave Scott | Lyrics: Mohamed Abdullah, Tareq Abu Kweik |Mohamed Abdullah: Bass, Vocals | Tareq Abu Kweik: Vocals, Guitar, Percussion | Udai Shawaqfeh: Guitar, Midi | Derar Shawaqfeh: Drums, Percussion

ألحان وتوزيع: فرقة المربع | انتاج: فرقة المربع وديف سكوت | كلمات: محمد عبدالله وطارق أبوكويك | محمد عبدالله: باص وغناء | طارق أبوكويك: غناء وجيتار وايقاعات | عديّ شواقفة: جيتار وميدي | ضرار شواقفة: درامز وايقاعات

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