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artist: kayaan كيان
featured artists: 
wlad el hara ولاد الحارة, Rim Banna ريم البنا, Walaa Sbeit ولاء سبيت, Ruba Shamshoum ربى شمشوم, May Nasr ميّ نصر, Duraid Liddawi دريد لداوي, Suhail Naffar سهيل نفار, Lou Geniuz لو جينياز
hiphop, jazz
release date: 
july 2011
release type:
 full album
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KAYAAN means existence in Arabic. The band, founded and produced by pianist Christian Mueller, is an international music project that blends Arabic Hip Hop with Western Jazz. It’s a unique music project -‐ the first of its kind that joins different cultures. It consists of three rappers from Palestine as well as six jazz musicians and a female vocalist from Switzerland. The result is a perfect blend between groovy jazz and bouncy hip-‐hop and especially between different cultures. This exciting mixture emerges on the debut album “Wednesday”, which got its name from the weekday, since most of the important creative work happened on a Wednesday.

With their formation We7, the Palestinian rappers are one of the leading bands in the local scene, receiving an increasing amount of interest internationally. Their lyrics are deeply connected with the Palestinian-‐ Israeli struggle and represent the point of view of Palestinians youth living under occupation. We7 represent with an ironical and metaphorical language the political and social situation of Palestinian in Israel. Nonetheless, young people’s lives as such and their quest for the future also hold a strong position in their texts. Besides, the album features special guests such as Rim Banna, Suhell Nasr and Ruba Shamshoum from Palestine and May Nasr from Lebanon. All these aspects combine KAYAAN to an extraordinary, worldwide unique project with an international charisma.

Track List   التسجيلات

01 The Next Stage الخطوة الجاي
02 The Unsolved Case (feat. Rim Banna) القضية المعلقة (مع ريم البنا)
03 You Barely Live Once بنعيش مرة واحدة
04 In Palestine (feat. Walaa Sbeit) في فلسطين (مع ولاء سبيت)
05 #5 (feat. Ruba Shamshoum) #5 (مع ربا شمشوم)
06 In Switzerland في سويسرا
07 Sooner or Later (feat. May Nasr) عاجلاً أم آجلاً (مع ميّ نصر)
08 Another Day كمان يوم
09 Pirates of the Mediterranean (feat. Duraid Liddawi) قراصنة المتوسط (مع دريد لداوي)
10 We Still Don't Care (feat. Suhail Naffar) بعده مش هاممنا (مع سهيل نفار)
11 InJazz (feat. Lou Geniuz) إنجاز (مع لو جينيز)
12 Taking A Bow تحية للجمهور


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